Join The Movement

At Torah Goodies, we are passionate about our designs, but even more so about what they represent.

We specialize in producing lovely Judaica and custom apparel designs, which for many serve as inward reminders and outward expressions of faithful identity.

materializing the spiritualTraditionally used to represent Judaism, our Judaica can be appreciated by and meaningful to people of any faith or walk of life. When you wear one of these accessories, you are connecting with thousands of people around the world, and you are carrying an embodiment of the ideals of faith so many of us share.

It is our hope that these designs will inspire you to embody the same ideals and truths our pieces represent, and it is our goal to help as many people as possible connect with and express their faith in the simplest of ways.

To that end, in order to make our Judaica as affordable and accessible as we can, we offer a discount program that we call our, "Humble Givings Contribution Program". Via the Humble Givings program, every purchase of $75 or more receives a 15% discount upon checkout. And as part of our Humble Givings program, every purchase made insures a donation of 15% of your total order to the Restoring Children International Foundation. See the impact calculator bellow: